Monday, December 10, 2007

whoops... here is the pic!

Here is the picture of the advent Calendar! And one from Jason's birthday... and the yummy pie Hannah made!


alli said...

LOVE the advent color, and Jason's hair! I love it when he lets it get long!!

oh. my. gosh.

that pumpkin pie looks beeeautiful!
yum. yum. way to go, Hannah!!

Okay, a few entries ago on Virge's blog she showed a pic of a magnetic calender with a cookie sheet. Did you see it? I want to make it, and I only do that crafty paper stuff with you.


Christmas party???

love you.

gimmegodiva said...

I will have to check my work schedule... it is crazy these weeks before Christmas! And I loved her calender.... I could see that happening!!!

alli said...

well, maybe it could be a beginning of the year kind of something.

do you have a set schedule there?