Thursday, August 21, 2008


I just got a coupon in the mail for a FREE Godiva Chocolixer.... one of their frozen chocolate drinks. But since working there and discovering the fat (about30 grams) and calorie content (about 700), I am thinking about passing it up.... but they are sooooo yummy....but I don't need 30 extra fat grams (my muffin top agrees...)... but I could just drink a little bit..... but probably won't .... I guess I will pass it up.... anyone want it?? I will send it too you!!!

Excited about tomorrow.... all day crop at Scrap etc... Come by and say hi if you can!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Wanna know a cool middle school word??? Weenis ! It is the skin on your elbow... seriously-- look it up!! So if someone grabs you there and says" I touched your weenis!" You'll know what they are talking about! (hey- it happened to me!)
I first heard this word when I taught middle school. Now guess who came home saying it?? Yep- sweet Hannah! And "Your epidermis is showing!" is back! Well, maybe it never left... I did, but it is alive and well in the middle school world......

27 people and naked Daniel Radcliff....

We had a group of people over Sat- it was so great to see everyone and hang out. There were 14 adults and 13 kids.... 11 of which were 3 mo to 5 years. I had to rethink things as I prepared for company.. I put a ton of stuff up in my room so little hands wouldn't get into it... put up all breakables... stuff like that. But it was great. And we need to do it again before another 5 years pass.
And dang that Harry Potter for being naked on stage when his next movie comes out! "HP and the Half Blood Prince" was coming out in Nov., but now we have to wait until next summer...... But on the bright side, because of that, TWILIGHT is opening a few weeks early. And that is a good thing!!! And I guess it is OK that they don't want the good wizard being associated with what ever it is Daniel Radcliff is doing in that play. Hard to believe Hollywood cares.
OK - off to find my stupid social security card- they need a copy of it before I can sub, and of course, I can't find it.

And other news... I don't have TB, in case you were worried ;-) I got the results this morning!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

rude awakening

As you know I am trying to get a job teaching, but not having any luck. So I am going to sub. I am jumping through all the hoops, getting forms signed, getting tb tests and gathering all paper work. I need a recommendation from a principal to sub, so I go in to see the one from Holden's school. She has been very nice through out all of this, and asked me to keep her posted on my progress. So when I became certified, let her know. Well today when I see her she says" Do you know your name ISN"T on the list on line of available applicants?" WHAT!!??!?! Somewhere there is a glitch, and it won't let my application be processed fully. But it says it is fine on my end. Yeah-- I can see it perfectly, just not the principals who are hiring!! UUGGHHH. So I have spent most of the morning dealing with this. I am supposed to be getting ready for company we are having on Sat. I need to clean my carpet, not be on the computer! ( don't say anything about how I am blogging right now--- I know, I know!! :-) )

So I hope it is all worked out, and by Monday, I will be ready to sub, which I hope leads to a full time job.

OK-- back to work!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My friend Alisa ( AKA Skeet from high school) has tagged me.... here ya go!

4 places I visit over and over

1. McDonald's--- love the $1 Dr. Peppers!

2. Chick-fil-a--- it has become a Sat. morning tradition for our family!

3. Winn Dixie

4. Walmart

These are in no particular order!!!

4 people who call/email/ext me regularly

1. Jason

2. Jenny ( my sister)

3. Lisa

4. my parents

4 favorite foods/drinks (I added drinks to this!)

1. Dr. Pepper- from a fountain in a styrofoam cup. preferably with pellet ice!

2. Chocolate --Godiva rocks...... and they have some stuff on sale now!! ;-)

3. a yummy sandwich!

4. Creme' Brulee ( don't have it often, but YUM!)

4 places I'd rather be

1. Florida

2. a hotel ( I really just want the maid service)

3. The mountains

4. Some place I have never been... can't pick just one!

4 movies I'd watch over and over

1. Twilight (I know it is not out yet, but I am betting it is going to be one of my favs!!)

2. Harry Potter ... any of them!

3. a scary movie... The Ring, The Grudge...along those lines!

4. A movie that makes me cry....The Notebook, The Lake house....

4 bands/groups/musicians

This is tough.... I listen to a lot, and sometimes i just know the song, not who sings it.....

1. I do {heart} ABBA

2. some rock

3. Some country

4. some Christian rock

That narrows it down, huh??!! I really am drawing a blank on groups, but I will always sing along with Abba (if I am alone in the car!)

Off to do some errands!!!!!!

OH- Lisa (if you haven't done it already!),Cyndi and B---consider yourself tagged!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I hate matching socks.

Matching as a verb, not an adjective!! I just tried to match up a ton of single socks.... and I hate it. They never match up right. And towards the end.... well let's just say if the socks were similar in any way, they got matched. Don't make fun of my kids if you see them and their socks don't go together!!!

A tiny *toot* ( hey- it's my blog....) I made the design team at Scrap Etc (A scrapbooking store in Birmingham)!! I am pretty excited about it!! Here is a picture of the design team from Saturday. Can't wait to hang out with these girls!!

Christa, aren't you proud of my link?? Thanks for helping me!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breaking Dawn, underpants and 15 years.....

Well, we are back home..... We got in late Sunday night. Another great trip! I love the mountains! Only 1 problem.... I called Walmart ( the closest book store is an hour away!) to make sure they were getting in "Breaking Dawn" and/or having a party or anything, and they did not know what I was talking about!! So I decided to sleep through the night (although I wish I could have been home to hang out with some friends!) and found out they did get it in.... they had about 20 of them on the shelf! So I got it Sat. morn and finished it Sun. night. I liked it, but not as much as the others. When I realized where the story was going, I was kind of disappointed. But I still {heart} Edward!!!

We went out tonight, and on the way home I mentioned taking Holden to school and taking his picture, and he said" Do you realize I wear size medium underpants?" (Meaning he was to big to have mom take pictures!) Size medium or not, I will be there clicking away. Hannah , on the other hand, can chose to have me come in or not, and I am afraid she is leaning towards just getting dropped off...... Can't believe she is in middle school.

I have been informed that I do not put enough pics up of my scrapbook pages.... so that will change. Maybe I will even put up a slide show, if I can learn how. I think I can do it. If not , I will call in reinforcements!!!

Tomorrow is our 15 year anniversary!!! It is so hard to believe. I am not old enough to be married for that long (or at least don't feel old enough!) I will try to get a wedding pic up here, but we were married before digital *gasp* and I don't have them on my computer! I will spend the morning doing something very romantic.... finishing staining the barn that was built this summer. I already did the porch.... now the barn... then the garage.... I will be glad when it is all done.

Have a great night and I will try to be better putting up my scrappiness!! :-)