Monday, August 18, 2008

27 people and naked Daniel Radcliff....

We had a group of people over Sat- it was so great to see everyone and hang out. There were 14 adults and 13 kids.... 11 of which were 3 mo to 5 years. I had to rethink things as I prepared for company.. I put a ton of stuff up in my room so little hands wouldn't get into it... put up all breakables... stuff like that. But it was great. And we need to do it again before another 5 years pass.
And dang that Harry Potter for being naked on stage when his next movie comes out! "HP and the Half Blood Prince" was coming out in Nov., but now we have to wait until next summer...... But on the bright side, because of that, TWILIGHT is opening a few weeks early. And that is a good thing!!! And I guess it is OK that they don't want the good wizard being associated with what ever it is Daniel Radcliff is doing in that play. Hard to believe Hollywood cares.
OK - off to find my stupid social security card- they need a copy of it before I can sub, and of course, I can't find it.

And other news... I don't have TB, in case you were worried ;-) I got the results this morning!!!


Lisa said...

glad to hear you don't have TB!! :)

Andy said...

it was great hanging out with your guys this weekend. we really had fun and thank you for letting us all come to your house. glad for the no TB thing. that's great. :) and when is the new twilight movie date? i really want to see it but i don't know anyone here that wants to see it. m, me and the baby may be making a trip there so that i can go see it with you. what do you think?