Sunday, December 23, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

Chipmunks and strawberries!

I think Holden had had enough !! I am thankful he was co operative for most of session!!!
We went to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks" today- the kids loved it! It was really cute. And then we came home and ate pizza, then strawberries! I brought home berries from work- ones that aren't "dip worthy". I think everyone else throws them out, but I asked my manager and she said I could have them! So , when I work and come across bruised berries, I get all excited..... I get to have them! I am sure my co workers think I am weird... I keep the little stretchy bands from the boxes, and sometimes the pieces of cardboard that separates layers of boxes in shipment - they are really good for scrapbooks and artsy stuff! I used some for the base of my advent calender. And extra ribbon, and any thing else I see headed to the trash that I think I can use or find a home for!!!!

So how is your Christmas preparation coming? I am about done shopping... just 1 more thing for DH!!!
Now off to a shower and a good night's sleep--- I have to be at work at 6 stinkin' AM. Stupid crazy mall hours!!! Come see me if you are out and about!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

whoops... here is the pic!

Here is the picture of the advent Calendar! And one from Jason's birthday... and the yummy pie Hannah made!

Monday, Monday

We had a good weekend.. hope you did as well. I sent the kids' teachers their Christmas gifts today, because I worked yesterday, and had a TON of chocolate covered strawberries. So I tied them up with a pretty bow, and put them in the bag with a box of chocolate, and it was done! I know I would have LOVED to get that as a gift when I was teaching. I had so many that Jason took some to work, and I still had lots to give away.
I just got back from a lunch date with Jason and finishing up some errands. I think Christmas can come now.... shopping is done! Now I just need to get a family picture taken and I will be set.
OH_ FYI- It may be hard to get around when we are all in heaven- Holden told Jason that there aren't any cars or trucks there, just camels!! How funny is that! Love that boy!
Here is a picture of our advent calendar. The kids , esp. Hannah, have love looking behind each day to see what we are to do! We do things from singing a Christmas carol to making cookies. We are a few days behind on the cookies, because we still have some of Hannah's pumpkin pie in the house..... we didn't need cookies as well! I don't know how much more I can hold off the kids. Esp. Hannah- that girl LOVES to cook!!

The strangest thing just happened..... I put a pumpkin ( from Halloween- one we didn't carve) out by the road for the trash, and someone just stopped and picked it up and put it in their car. What on earth are they going to do with a pumpkin from Oct.???

Saturday, December 8, 2007

lazy Saturday

What a nice day- we just hung out. The kids watched movies, Hannah made a pumpkin pie for Jason's b-day, I made a few Christmas cards, some Transformers were played on the playstation, the kids started making button Christmas trees ( I will post pics later... they lost interest and are not even close to being done!), Jason studied, and we had yummy soup for dinner. Oh- and Hannah and I did facial masks together which was fun. She is such a girly girl!
I need to learn how to add all of the cool blogging stuff to my blog. links, pics, .... there is so much I don't know! I need help! But one day at a time. At least I started it!! I may be calling on one of you bloggers for help....
See you tomorrow!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sewage and fire alarms

This will be quick because I am heading out to get Hannah in a bit-
We have had plumbing problems at work.... back ups, plumbers, maintenance men.... since Sunday. So my manager went out and bought 2 candles to light to help with the, uummm , smell ( not very helpful to smell THAT when your trying to sell chocolates...) Anyway- the scent she chose was labeled sugar cookie or Christmas cookie or something. To me , it smelt like licorice, which I hate. So when I was in the bathroom, I blew out the candle. No biggie. Except about 45 seconds later, the fire alarm goes off. I am so confused. Sometimes the mall checks their alarm with weekly tests, but this one was inside the store. Then it hits me..... I just blew out a candle..... oh no.... OH YES!!! The security people come running, mall management comes running, and 5 minutes later, the FIREMEN come ( they had been told it was a false alarm, so at least they weren't running- that would have freaked people out!) But they were dressed in full gear, hats and everything. All because I blew out a candle. whoops.....

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday already!

Not much new to say, but since I am blogging now, I figured I post something!! I am working more now... Christmas hours are CRAZY! Come see me if you can!
Can't wait to get my Christmas cards done- I thought I had my picture ready, but the shot is too close... Hannah's chin gets cut off.... so I will thrill my kids with another photo shoot!! They are actually pretty good about it!
I shared with my SE forum friends how I wanted to start walking...... that didn't last too long, but we did buy an exercise bike, so I try to hop on that a few times a week. It is my enemy now, but hope it will be my friend soon!!! Gotta get rid of that muffin top!! I have slowed down on my consumption at work.... haven't gained any weight, and I want to keep it that way. BTW, the drinks we sell have 600-700 calories, and 30-35 fat grams each. I didn't know that until around my 2nd week there, after I had about 5 of them.......
I need to go wrap some presents and clean up my office, which is now Santa's workshop.. It looks like a scrapbook store threw up in it......
Hope you have a blessed day, and take a few moments in all the craziness of the season to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, and think on how much the Savior loves you!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas pic!

In the glow of the tree lights! Love it!
Here is Holden wearing a shirt my sister made for Hannah years ago. He thought it was great and wanted to wear it to school!
Here is a picture of the kids. They are in front of the tree, but you can't see much of it! I love this picture , though! It is one of the first ones I took!

First blog!

Well, I decided to try blogging.... We will see how it goes!

We have a Christmas tree now- for the first time in years, because we are always in FL for Christmas, and the kids love it. We decorated it the other night, with me doing the top, Hannah the middle and Holden the bottom. It makes me smile every time I walk by it! I am about to go get crafty in the office- maybe scrap, maybe make an advent calendar ( I know, it is the 2nd, but better late than never!), maybe wrap some presents!!! I will try to add some pictures later..... see you at my 2nd post!!!