Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sewage and fire alarms

This will be quick because I am heading out to get Hannah in a bit-
We have had plumbing problems at work.... back ups, plumbers, maintenance men.... since Sunday. So my manager went out and bought 2 candles to light to help with the, uummm , smell ( not very helpful to smell THAT when your trying to sell chocolates...) Anyway- the scent she chose was labeled sugar cookie or Christmas cookie or something. To me , it smelt like licorice, which I hate. So when I was in the bathroom, I blew out the candle. No biggie. Except about 45 seconds later, the fire alarm goes off. I am so confused. Sometimes the mall checks their alarm with weekly tests, but this one was inside the store. Then it hits me..... I just blew out a candle..... oh no.... OH YES!!! The security people come running, mall management comes running, and 5 minutes later, the FIREMEN come ( they had been told it was a false alarm, so at least they weren't running- that would have freaked people out!) But they were dressed in full gear, hats and everything. All because I blew out a candle. whoops.....


alli said...


now, that's a good blog entry.

Love it!

Andy said...

i'm so glad that you have a blog now. yeah! hannah and holden are so big. they look great. miss you guys

alli said...

No, I'm not that good. She's outside, but we have her a home in the tree house/fort thingie. Someone gave us an old dog house. We filled it full of hay, and she loves it.

We totally need to figure out time to get together. Maybe do a Christmas party? I think they can handle doing crafts better this year. What do you think?

Gracie acts like she's in junior high. drama. drama. drama.

Linh said...

Your incident sounds like it could have been from a sitcom.