Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday, Monday

We had a good weekend.. hope you did as well. I sent the kids' teachers their Christmas gifts today, because I worked yesterday, and had a TON of chocolate covered strawberries. So I tied them up with a pretty bow, and put them in the bag with a box of chocolate, and it was done! I know I would have LOVED to get that as a gift when I was teaching. I had so many that Jason took some to work, and I still had lots to give away.
I just got back from a lunch date with Jason and finishing up some errands. I think Christmas can come now.... shopping is done! Now I just need to get a family picture taken and I will be set.
OH_ FYI- It may be hard to get around when we are all in heaven- Holden told Jason that there aren't any cars or trucks there, just camels!! How funny is that! Love that boy!
Here is a picture of our advent calendar. The kids , esp. Hannah, have love looking behind each day to see what we are to do! We do things from singing a Christmas carol to making cookies. We are a few days behind on the cookies, because we still have some of Hannah's pumpkin pie in the house..... we didn't need cookies as well! I don't know how much more I can hold off the kids. Esp. Hannah- that girl LOVES to cook!!

The strangest thing just happened..... I put a pumpkin ( from Halloween- one we didn't carve) out by the road for the trash, and someone just stopped and picked it up and put it in their car. What on earth are they going to do with a pumpkin from Oct.???

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