Saturday, December 8, 2007

lazy Saturday

What a nice day- we just hung out. The kids watched movies, Hannah made a pumpkin pie for Jason's b-day, I made a few Christmas cards, some Transformers were played on the playstation, the kids started making button Christmas trees ( I will post pics later... they lost interest and are not even close to being done!), Jason studied, and we had yummy soup for dinner. Oh- and Hannah and I did facial masks together which was fun. She is such a girly girl!
I need to learn how to add all of the cool blogging stuff to my blog. links, pics, .... there is so much I don't know! I need help! But one day at a time. At least I started it!! I may be calling on one of you bloggers for help....
See you tomorrow!


Andy said...

i remember being there at the beginning of my blog. it was frustrating at times but my good friend amber helped me through it. i can try to help but it's a whole lot easier if i was actually there at your computer to show you. if you do need help just ask me and i will try. but clearly my blog isn't nearly as fancy as some. but it's "my spot" and i love it. :)

Lisa said...

well miss blogger - i didn't even know you were blogging!! now i've bookmarked you and I'll keep reading!! Hate to hear about the 'smell' at work - that's aweful and the candle incident - did the same thing in my apartment one time and the smoke alarm went wild!!!