Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The heat is on!

What is wrong with this picture... it is the last day of April, and my heat just clicked on. again. It shouldn't be this cold!!!
Oh- and I don't have ( or I should say I can't find) the cord to my camera to down load- or is it up load- what ever- my pics from the event. I took an old camera, and was wishing I hadn't , but oh well..... I have seen lots of pics out there, so I am sure those of you who care have seen them elsewhere any way!!!
But here are some pics of my sweet kids!! I need to learn how to keep everything in focus in the first picture. It was fun, and the kids loved it!!!Hannah just wishes she could pick Holden up by his head!!!

Hope you are having a great day!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Home from Nashville!

I can not remember a time when I was as busy as I was this past weekend ( Wed- Sun.), and there are some ladies who worked longer hours than me.... well a lot.... but I am not used to getting up at6:45 and not going to bed till after midnight, or after 2 in some cases!!! I was so sleepy, that on Sat., the last full day, I turned the lights on during a slideshow during class ( sorry Wilna and group A!) , zoned out when someone was talking to me ( sorry Andrea!), and totally didn't even move when some one tossed a gluestick to me, and just let it hit the wall ( sorry Molly!) I think I felt better after I walked around and had some caffeine! But we made it.... the attendees seemed to enjoy it, and really liked getting to know the other volunteers better. Friends are great!! The store had some awesome things in it, the teachers were fabulous, and nights at The Irish Pub and Nashville Palace won't be forgotten!!! Belmont B won't be forgotten either! Or the wonderful ladies from 12 Fridays!!! Heidi and Heather are so funny, so real... I told them they should move to Birmingham so we can hang out, but I won't hold my breath!!!!
I have a few pictures, but not near enough, so when I borrow some from other people, I will share!!!
I roomed with Lisa, Tracey, Carrie, and Nubia the first night ( and discovered my air mattress has a slow leak...), then the second night we were able to split up (THANK YOU LUCY!!!! She got us another room!) And we did the splitting by temperature preferences! The "cold room " had Tracy, Nubia, Carrie and Adrienne in it, and the "warm room" had me, Lisa and Morgan in it.
I napped for a while on the way home, but then enjoyed conversation with Lisa and Nubia. We are planning to get together sometime... to scrap, or to just hang out!
OK... off to study for the PRAXIS, and/ or load the dish washer..... neither are my favorite things!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

good bye 425 2892

We turned off our home phone, and will just use our cells. Feels a little weird!!
I leave tomorrow for Nashville. I am riding up with 4 scrappy friends, and am rooming with 5!!! It will be fun. Tiring, but fun!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

tests.... :-(

I am working on becoming AL State certified to teach. I am discovering that it is time consuming and expensive to do this! I have to take the praxis test.... about $90 ( and the study guide-$20), the APTTP test... $130.. ( downloaded a free study guide :-) ), I must be finger printed.. $53.... and pay for the whole process itself...$20.... Do you know how much scrap stuff I could buy for $313??? Or gas? or food ? It drives me crazy!!! But I will jump through all my hoops, and become state certified. Maybe even get a job next year. I am getting excited about teaching again. I really do enjoy it.

Is anyone else getting tired of hearing about the "man" who is pregnant??? IT IS NOT A MAN!! It is a confused woman.... looks like a man.... wants to be a man..... but still has all her girl parts. Why the big deal?

Off to clean some windows.... can't remember the last time I did that....

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Jonas Brothers

Please tell me I am not the only person over the age of 13 with a slight infatuation with them. Disney is often on in my house, and I just have to stop and watch when I see the video for "When you look me in the eyes"......sigh....

Friday, April 4, 2008

The EvEnT

I am so excited to be on the Scrap Etc. Event team. I have helped pack kits for classes, and let me tell you- it is good stuff. Everyone will get an amazing amount of product, and take home some wonderful projects! I am thrilled to just be a small part of it! And I get to hang out with some amazing people.... I am so glad to get to know some of these ladies ( and guy :-) ) better. I will miss hanging out with them when it is over. Off to work on a cool kit from Virginia's creative brain ! Have a great night!
Well, I thought I had figured out how to add a link... guess not... ....go see Virginia here!!!!