Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The heat is on!

What is wrong with this picture... it is the last day of April, and my heat just clicked on. again. It shouldn't be this cold!!!
Oh- and I don't have ( or I should say I can't find) the cord to my camera to down load- or is it up load- what ever- my pics from the event. I took an old camera, and was wishing I hadn't , but oh well..... I have seen lots of pics out there, so I am sure those of you who care have seen them elsewhere any way!!!
But here are some pics of my sweet kids!! I need to learn how to keep everything in focus in the first picture. It was fun, and the kids loved it!!!Hannah just wishes she could pick Holden up by his head!!!

Hope you are having a great day!!!


Andy said...

love the pics.

Andy said...

oh we are going to be in bham on may 13th through the morning of the 17th. i think that our hubbies were seeing when we could get together.

Lisa said...

very good photos carol!! sorry about the camera cord - it'll turn up!

Weems World said...
so fun-Hannah will love it-she can totally do it.