Saturday, May 3, 2008

Is there a Mr.?

We need some work done on the house, so I called around to get estimates. I
arranged a time for the guy to come out. He asks "Is there a MR.?"and if so, he would like to meet at a time when he could be there. Now I am a little offended - Jason is busy at work-- I usually take care of stuff like this, then talk to him about it. But just to hurry things up, I schedule a time when j should be home. The man comes out, and starts measuring and figuring stuff, and Jason calls and tells me he has a late meeting, so I tell the man "sorry , my husband won't be here...something came up at work." The siding guy then tells me things in a way that makes me feel like I am taking a message for Jason. I finally told him that I usually take care of house stuff like this, and Jason and I decide things together. He says OK, but then as he was leaving, he tells me that he can come back out when my husband is home to go over the details with him. I told him, thank you, I will tall Jason that, but he won't need you to come back out. Then he says,"I usually like to have both the husband and the wife here when I give an estimate... the wife usually wants to pick the color..." Would any of you think this is a little .... I don't know... backwoodsish??? I know men usually do house stuff, and women do usually pick out the color, but this just blew my mind!!


Amy Nabors said...

that would irritate me too, but i wonder if he's had some bad experiences after the wife made the decision and the husband wasn't in agreement or something.

Lisa said...

well that was just rude - but hey - at least you aren't Mr. Fix It's wife. Bless her heart, can you imagine? All she ever gets to do is pick out colors!! :)

Andrea S. said...

Yes! I'd be very irritated...especially after you flat-out told him that you take care of that kind of stuff in your family. He could have back-tracked from there, but obviously still thought you were incapable. Blech. I wouldn't like that at all.

Virginia said...

I think you are way out of line and need to be more of a proper woman.


Just kidding, of course.

That guy sounds like a freako! I would totally be irritated about that.

If you need an estimate from someone else, we actually have a good friend that has a handy man business. And he also happens to think women should have the right to vote. ;)

Monique said...

Hey Carol. :) Miss you. I am having withdrawals. I think the girls are too.

Okay, so back to the topic of your post. Maybe it's just an integrity thing with him...maybe he just wanted to make you feel comfortable...or then again...maybe he's just weird, lol. Hope you get it all fixed. ;) Hope you are doing me sometime. ;)