Thursday, May 22, 2008

I {heart} May!!

Prepare to scroll... lots of pics ahead! Or should I say below!!

This has been a very good month!! There have been some low points, but overall.... it made my heart happy. It started off with a lunch date with my very good and beautiful friend Deena, then I got to do it again 2 weeks later, then Tues. the 20, we had a bittersweet dinner with her and some other friends. It was to say good bye. She is moving to Colorado on Sun. Tears are in my eyes as I type this. Deena has been a wonderful friend to the family, and to me. My kids love her, and she loves them, and she was one of Jason students.... we are all connected. But she is starting a new chapter in her life. I will miss her terribly. She was my scary movie buddy, my babysitter, my lunch partner, but most of all she is my friend!! Love you Deena!!
*Hannah got to sing the national anthem with the choir from her school.
*I went with Holden to the Zoo.
*I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time- we need to do it again soon Michelle!, ate lunch with Lisa, once just us, and once with Virginia and Katie.
* We had dinner with old friends... Michael and Jenn, and their cutie patootie son Sawyer.
*Holden graduated from Kindergarten.
*Hannah graduated from 5th grade.
*There was Mother's Day.
*There was my birthday!
Which meant a fun surprise for me... a decorated kitchen and presents! Jason even got me limes, Dr. Pepper, and Styrofoam cups from Chick fil a!! And an ice cream cake!
* I had a whole bunch of nice things said about me on a thread at the SE forum!I even printed it out!
*I got a beautiful card from Virginia
* I got an awesome basket from my BFF Charlene - filled with the things needed for Chocolate martinis!Even a cool glass!
* I had coffee with my friend Christine... well my friend had coffee, I had Dr. Pepper.. hope Starbucks didn't mind that I brought in a drink!
*There were some beautiful evenings... love sunset!
* I read the Twilight Series ..... can't wait for the fourth book in Aug., and the MOVIE in December! ( Thank you SE forum girls for introducing me to these books!! You were so right!!)
*school is now out, so everyday will feel like Saturday!!!!!!
Thank you all for helping make the month great! I really needed it!!

I know I should take the time to match up each picture with each event, but I will just trust that you all can figure it out!!!!!

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Andy said...

yeah for may. what a great post. there was lots that happend for you guys. i love it. congrats to hannah and holden, happy bday to you and i was thrilled to see you guys this month. it was a great time and i really loved talking to you and catching up. we need to do it again and not years from now when hannah is graduating from high school. i know you probably don't want to be thinking about that. seeing you guys and being in bham really made me miss the living there. maybe i can convince m- to move back.