Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Maybe I will keep the blog, but just post every once in a while... Thanks for the encouragement.
So the "winners" of my (mandy's) little pay it forward contest are Lisa, Andy and Disney Cyndi. And I think I have all of your addresses. So I have a year to send you a goody, then you have to keep it going.

Can I just say that God is so good. Some things have happened and been brought to my attention, and God has worked things out in such a wonderful way. Saving someone from a painful emotional experience, saving a group of people from a difficult task, and little things have helped as well. Me checking my messages in car line... timing on things working out... I can see God's hand in it all. He helped make an ugly situation better. I know this is very vague, but I just wanted to share how I was feeling.

On a different subject.... does anyone else feel awkward ordering at Starbuck's?? I feel like it is another language. I don't drink coffee, but I got something for Jason the other day, and felt like an 8 year old ordering from the "big "menu..... frappuccino,cappuccino, grande,expresso latte, skinny, mocha .... I really don't know what all that is... Jason told me what he wanted and I repeated it back to him to make sure I got it right, then hoped that no one asked me any questions!!! I know this may sound silly to you guys, (all 4 of you who read this!) but it really stresses me out!

Now I have to get ready for work. I am not really wanting to go. I still love Godiva, but the hours away from family, the stupid situations that have come up- more on that later maybe!- the little pay....... may be time to switch modes... maybe back to part time, just when the kids are in school. But I won't do that until after Valentine's day... and until after we all go to the dentist ... gotta use some of those benefits!!

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Last Post....

I think my blogging days are over.......
I started this for my family in FL, but I don't think they read it ( Mom, Dad, Jen, Leah.... am I wrong?? ;-) )but I still need to do Mandy's "pay it forward" so.... the first three people to comment will get some kind of goody from me ( supposed to be homemade, but I doubt that will happen.....). Then I think I am calling it quits!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Chick fil a sandwiches with the cole slaw on top--- yummy!!!! You have got to try it!!!
That is all for now!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Here are some pics from Christmas...Hannah cooked dinner for the family, including homemade apple cider, complete with orange and cinnamon stick garnish!And pics of Christmas at our house and at my parents'.
There are also some of dinner by the pond, my parents, a woodpecker in a tree in our front yard, fun with a flash light and our van..... Clampett style!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Home again, Home again, jiggity jig...

I thought this pic would be at the bottom of the entry, but here it is at the top.... it is the fam pic from our Christmas cards!!
Well, we have been home a week now, but it seems like we just got back. The trip to FL was great.... loved seeing my family. I got to see my parents, aunts and uncles and 1 sister. The other was out of town, but I will see her and my cool BIL and nephews in March. ( I decided to go back during spring break!) I really wish we lived closer to my family. I am always so sad when I leave, and I cried like a baby in the shower after my sister left my parents' house to go back to Orlando- so if you read this ,Jen, I miss you more than you know!! :-)
Hannah decided to have her B-day party with her cousins- so I know she misses them terribly as well. But we will be back in FL before I know it!! Time passes so quickly. And I will be back this summer as well. My baby nephew graduates from high school. I don't know how that is possible. I was just his nanny last year.... or so it seems!! And when did I get old enough to have a nephew almost in college?????

Back to our trip- Mom and Dad are remodeling part of their house... and Jason and I got to bring home a huge wall unit.... shelves, cabinets!, drawers.... it is great! And it also is FULL of memories for me. I had "my drawer" which was full of craft stuff, stickers, candy -I am sure! and games. And I also remember dusting it.... thank goodness for swiffer dusters... I wish I had them back then!. We also got a couch and a chair. Needless to say, we looked like the Clampetts. We had a trailer on the back of the van , and the couch was ON TOP of the van!! and a dirt bike on the tongue of the trailer! It took an extra 3 hours to get home, but everything made it in 1 piece!! I haven't had much time to fill it up- I have worked almost everyday at Godiva...... but my schedule will be back to normal soon. I will post pictures as soon as I get them on the computer.
What else... oh- fyi- the Burger king/ gas station combo somewhere on 10 before Tallahassee-- not the best place to eat. Holden got sick ( I am so thankful he told us in time for us to pull over and get him out of the car before it happened. A car that smells like vomit would not have been a good thing!!!) and Hannah and Jason both had stomach issues that day!! I just had an egg biscuit- I guess that was safe!!
I need to get back to what I stayed in today to do... clean! I will post some pics later!!!