Friday, February 29, 2008


Hannah is having her birthday party next Fri. night. And BOYS are invited..... boys!! What the heck? My baby is not so much my baby anymore.....
But, on the flip side, the boys leave at 8, then the girls are staying over and having a tea party on Sat., complete with petite fours and cucumber sandwiches!! I guess I can handle the boy part since she still wants a tea party!!! I will post pics- of the boys, and the tea party!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My boy is 6!!

I almost forgot to post some pics... He wanted just a family party, with Transformer decorations. So We went to dinner at IHOP ( he loves his pancakes!), then it was cake and present time!!! He is such a sweet boy.... can't believe he is 6. In one picture , he is holding up Hannah's gift to him.... coupons! For a movie rental, ice cream, gum, a hot wheels car, a snack and a drink. He loved it!!!!!!

happiness is....

This has made me smile every time I have seen it the past week or so... a little yellow daffodil... SPRING is on the way!!!! And here is the card I made for Wilna's friend. Hannah is making one as well, and I will post it when she is done. Have a great night!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Helping out Wilna

I do not know how to let you click on the picture to read this blog, so I will just try this... click here ... . Please send a card... have your kids make a card... anything that will make this lady smile....
ETA... I obviously can't make a link either... just type it in!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Day....etc.etc....

I know Valentine's Day was last week, but I am just now posting about it. Hannah cooked dinner.... baked scallops, steamed mussels, veggies, and Chocolate mousse!! She watches food network a lot, and loves cookbooks and all things food related. She even asked for a food processor for her birthday! But here are some pics...
Not much else has been going on. I am hanging on at Godiva for a little while longer- our trip to the dentist showed that one of Hannah's teeth is coming in sideways..... she may need surgery, or it could be as simple as pulling a baby tooth to make room for it to fall into place... I am praying for that option. So until we know what is going on, Dental insurance is needed!!
I spent an hour in Holden's class on Valentine's day... It was so great! Both of my kids are great ( don't mind me while I brag...) They have taken some tests at school, and both have exceeded expectations, and tested above their grade level. OK, I am done bragging. But they are great, fun, sweet brilliant kids!!!
Have a super day! Off to find something for dinner!

Oh- notice the shirt I am wearing in the pic of us at the table..... Jason got it for me for Valentine's day!!!! You know what those numbers are, right??!!

Friday, February 8, 2008


Just a quick post... took both kids to the dentist today.... a whopping total of 8, count them...1,2,3,4,5,6,7...8 cavities!!! So glad they have dental insurance right now!! It was still a lot, but not near what it would have been w/o insurance!!! So, no more sticky candy, cut WAY back on sodas and juice... yes, healthy OJ helped cause this! The Dentist said he could tell they brushed, it is just that some people are more prone to cavities.....
Off to work... come see me at the mall!!!