Sunday, February 24, 2008

My boy is 6!!

I almost forgot to post some pics... He wanted just a family party, with Transformer decorations. So We went to dinner at IHOP ( he loves his pancakes!), then it was cake and present time!!! He is such a sweet boy.... can't believe he is 6. In one picture , he is holding up Hannah's gift to him.... coupons! For a movie rental, ice cream, gum, a hot wheels car, a snack and a drink. He loved it!!!!!!

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alli said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! He is the cutest! And, what a fabulous idea from Hannah! She's so clever. The mask pic is of course my favorite.

I can't believe he's 6.


I told Regina that you called me the other day from McDonalds. For some reason she thought it was awesome that you called me from McDonalds and it made me terribly jealous. Her humor is twisted. I don't even like eggmcmuffins, and you got me hankerin' one.

love you and your fam!