Thursday, August 14, 2008

rude awakening

As you know I am trying to get a job teaching, but not having any luck. So I am going to sub. I am jumping through all the hoops, getting forms signed, getting tb tests and gathering all paper work. I need a recommendation from a principal to sub, so I go in to see the one from Holden's school. She has been very nice through out all of this, and asked me to keep her posted on my progress. So when I became certified, let her know. Well today when I see her she says" Do you know your name ISN"T on the list on line of available applicants?" WHAT!!??!?! Somewhere there is a glitch, and it won't let my application be processed fully. But it says it is fine on my end. Yeah-- I can see it perfectly, just not the principals who are hiring!! UUGGHHH. So I have spent most of the morning dealing with this. I am supposed to be getting ready for company we are having on Sat. I need to clean my carpet, not be on the computer! ( don't say anything about how I am blogging right now--- I know, I know!! :-) )

So I hope it is all worked out, and by Monday, I will be ready to sub, which I hope leads to a full time job.

OK-- back to work!

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Lisa said...

WOW - it sounds like we need to have a little pity party together - it should NOT be this hard for two normal people who WANT to teach to get a job!!!