Thursday, January 29, 2009

hula hoop champ....

That is my title in my house. I am the wii champ! I am loving wii fit! I have lost about 5 lbs. since we got it- last Friday! I just hope I can keep it up... I really like my carbs...chocolate, bread, Dr. Pepper. And this is the first real diet I have ever done. I watch what I eat.. choose my fat grams. But I have never turned down dessert. Until now. And we took the kids to the Cheesecake factory for their report cards (Honor Roll for Both! Very Proud!) and I didn't get any cheesecake. I did have 1 bite of each of theirs ( I had to taste...) but that is all.
I have been having fun on the wii- I named my trainer Tony (he looks a little like Tony Little.. the guy with the infomercial for the "Gazelle"... remember him?) Anyway, is wrong for me to swear at him? If I am doing an exercise and having trouble balancing he will tell me " This seems tough for you" or "You seem a little shaky. Try tightening up you abs for better balance." That's when I tell him to shut up. I have never had any coordination and my balance isn't that much better!! But I am improving. Just don't ask me to do the yoga "tree" pose. It isn't pretty.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's OK.

I have realized it is OK that I can't find those pictures. With the 9000 plus pictures I have on my computer, I don't think my kids will be traumatized by the 50+ that aren't on my computer, backed up, and copied onto CDs. I would love to find them, and if I do I will do a happy dance- Remember Balki's "Dance of Joy" from "Perfect Strangers"? That will be me, but by myself! I tried to link it, but had issues, as usual. Check it out here!

This is random, but has anyone else seen the oatmeal commercial where the parents have a bunch of little kids, and the give them breakfast IN THE CAR? Who would do that? Really- Quaker Oats has lost their minds if they think they are relating to parents with that one. Or maybe I am the odd ball. Any of you ever given your kids oatmeal in paper bowls in the minivan?

And one more- what is up with the bathtubs in ads for prescription meds? Have you seen them? Couples are in tubs side by side on the beach, on a hilltop, watching the sun set.... no place with plumbing... no place where water is easily accessible. Or maybe once again I am just missing out. I have never vacationed anywhere where outside tubs were an option. And who would do that?

One last thing... LOST is back! I meant to watch last season to catch up, but didn't. I am sure they will catch us up. I can hear it now...."previously on LOST....."
And check this out. My friend Deena sent it too me. She called it a little light reading. Good stuff!

And thanks to Joy, I now have a free tube of Lancome cell defense. Go to the Macy's in the mall.... go to the make up section and pick up your goody! There are several things to choose from, and they have to give it away as part of a lawsuit. Check it out here. She got a mascara, but my Macy's didn't offer that. You know I love a freebie!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

It started looking for 1 picture....

One specific picture of me and J from high school- that is all I was looking for. It is from a Valentine's Day in the 80's... just needed it for a layout. Couldn't find it... anywhere. But I did find boxes of pics that I didn't even remember. Looked through all of those... sat and reminisced a little, then sorted them. They are back in the box, but at least they are sorted. Then I find a big envelope with thumbnail prints in it. 3 sheets of them. Some of these pictures I remember, some I don't. But the very frustrating thing is that they are not in iphoto. Some pics are in iphoto from the SAME event, like Holden's 3rd birthday and Hannah's 8th, but not the same ones. How can 2 or 3 pictures taken at the same time and with the same camera be on my computer and some not?? What did i do? Why can't I remember? And there are some of Holden in the back yard sans his clothes, and pics from our trip to Sea World. And some from FL. I just looked on several CD's thinking they might be on one, but they are not. Where are these pics? Why do I only have thumbnails of them? Why would I have printed some out but not put them on the computer???? WHY WHY WHY!? I am driving myself crazy. 2 of them are of the kids with Grandma Snyder from 2004. She passed away 2 (or is it 3 now?) years ago, so now I am bothered that I don't have those on my computer either. I tried to scan them, but of course my scanner won't even turn on. What a day.... oh- I never found the picture I started out looking for....

OK-- ranting and rambling done. Off to search some more...... wish me luck!
Oh--SEHS friends- you may remember those Valentine's pictures... I think I had one made with you, Alisa! I can't find it either.....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Party Planning....

It is almost time to plan the birthday parties for my kids... one in Feb., one in March. Holden wants to have some friends stay over and eat cookie cake and pizza (with olives and pepperoni). That part is easy. But when we discussed the guest list, it included both boys and girls.... which would be fine except he wants to have a sleep over. I tried to tell him that only boys stay the night with boys. He didn't understand. He said that the girls are his friends too! So, with in the next month I will have to tell him that only the boys can stay over and the girls will have to leave around 8.....

Hannah has only mentioned a DANCE party. Last year she wanted a TEA party. BIG difference....

I have been subbing the past 2 weeks. Too bad the increase in pay for long term subs doesn't start until 3 weeks.

Hope you all have a great night and stay warm!

Deena... I need my scary movie buddy! There are 2 movies I need to see with you. I need your arm to hold. :(

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have read about several people who are cleaning out, purging and going through things in their house. I want to do this. I need to do this. But I have attachments to my stuff. "My mom gave me this. I remember when Hannah wore that." Holden made this" I remember when I was with (insert name) and I bought that...." I have sentimental attachments to so many things. And I hate getting rid of stuff that was given to us from family. So we have 2 dining room tables now. The one we bought 10 or so years ago that has memories attached to it from times we did art projects (paint marks and all) on it. It was also one of the first main pieces of "grown up" furniture we bought together. I now use it for scrapbooking. The other table is one my parents gave us. It was the one I grew up with, so I have lots of memories of dinners there!
I could go on and on... tables, chairs, couches, clothes, knick knack stuff, papers..... and of course the kids stuff. I get so frustrated at myself, but it seems everything reminds me of someone or something. We don't need it all. We have a large garage, which helps. But I need to take pictures of what we don't use so I won't forget it, then send it to Hannah Home or Goodwill. I say that, but saying it and doing it are SO different! Maybe if I lived closer to my family I wouldn't feel the need to hang on to stuff... to be surrounded by it instead of them. Does that even make sense? Or am I rationalizing?

Well- I am subbing now.... time to get the darlings from PE!
Please excuse any typos or misspellings.... no spell check here!