Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's OK.

I have realized it is OK that I can't find those pictures. With the 9000 plus pictures I have on my computer, I don't think my kids will be traumatized by the 50+ that aren't on my computer, backed up, and copied onto CDs. I would love to find them, and if I do I will do a happy dance- Remember Balki's "Dance of Joy" from "Perfect Strangers"? That will be me, but by myself! I tried to link it, but had issues, as usual. Check it out here! www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfPg5LjGYz8

This is random, but has anyone else seen the oatmeal commercial where the parents have a bunch of little kids, and the give them breakfast IN THE CAR? Who would do that? Really- Quaker Oats has lost their minds if they think they are relating to parents with that one. Or maybe I am the odd ball. Any of you ever given your kids oatmeal in paper bowls in the minivan?

And one more- what is up with the bathtubs in ads for prescription meds? Have you seen them? Couples are in tubs side by side on the beach, on a hilltop, watching the sun set.... no place with plumbing... no place where water is easily accessible. Or maybe once again I am just missing out. I have never vacationed anywhere where outside tubs were an option. And who would do that?

One last thing... LOST is back! I meant to watch last season to catch up, but didn't. I am sure they will catch us up. I can hear it now...."previously on LOST....."
And check this out. My friend Deena sent it too me. She called it a little light reading. Good stuff!

And thanks to Joy, I now have a free tube of Lancome cell defense. Go to the Macy's in the mall.... go to the make up section and pick up your goody! There are several things to choose from, and they have to give it away as part of a lawsuit. Check it out here. She got a mascara, but my Macy's didn't offer that. You know I love a freebie!!


Amy said...

oh i loved the happy dance from perfect strangers! and i've wondered the same thing about those commercials. where would you find two bathtubs on a pier? seriously.

3QTGUYS said...

Ok, so, I can't tell if you are serious or not, but YES, absolutely we have had breakfast in the car! For sure.

Bathtub in the mountains, not so much

Alisa said...

I loved Perfect Strangers and there is a picture of me and Julie doing that dance during high school.. Too funny!

Andy said...

read the lost link. loved it. can't wait to lost tonight. :)