Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Party Planning....

It is almost time to plan the birthday parties for my kids... one in Feb., one in March. Holden wants to have some friends stay over and eat cookie cake and pizza (with olives and pepperoni). That part is easy. But when we discussed the guest list, it included both boys and girls.... which would be fine except he wants to have a sleep over. I tried to tell him that only boys stay the night with boys. He didn't understand. He said that the girls are his friends too! So, with in the next month I will have to tell him that only the boys can stay over and the girls will have to leave around 8.....

Hannah has only mentioned a DANCE party. Last year she wanted a TEA party. BIG difference....

I have been subbing the past 2 weeks. Too bad the increase in pay for long term subs doesn't start until 3 weeks.

Hope you all have a great night and stay warm!

Deena... I need my scary movie buddy! There are 2 movies I need to see with you. I need your arm to hold. :(


Alisa said...

My kids have the same b-day (March 28) (Go figure!) and this is the first year we are doing separate parties for them! Yikes! Thanks for the reminder!!!!

deenanour said...

i have not watched any scary movies since we last saw one together. i'm afraid to. i guess your holding my arm was my comfort :)
what if called each other and watched the same movie at the same time? would it be the same....i don't think so :(

but the good news is Lost returns next Wed Jan 21!!!!!!!

i love you.