Thursday, January 29, 2009

hula hoop champ....

That is my title in my house. I am the wii champ! I am loving wii fit! I have lost about 5 lbs. since we got it- last Friday! I just hope I can keep it up... I really like my carbs...chocolate, bread, Dr. Pepper. And this is the first real diet I have ever done. I watch what I eat.. choose my fat grams. But I have never turned down dessert. Until now. And we took the kids to the Cheesecake factory for their report cards (Honor Roll for Both! Very Proud!) and I didn't get any cheesecake. I did have 1 bite of each of theirs ( I had to taste...) but that is all.
I have been having fun on the wii- I named my trainer Tony (he looks a little like Tony Little.. the guy with the infomercial for the "Gazelle"... remember him?) Anyway, is wrong for me to swear at him? If I am doing an exercise and having trouble balancing he will tell me " This seems tough for you" or "You seem a little shaky. Try tightening up you abs for better balance." That's when I tell him to shut up. I have never had any coordination and my balance isn't that much better!! But I am improving. Just don't ask me to do the yoga "tree" pose. It isn't pretty.

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3QTGUYS said...

Ok, here's an incentive. Maybe I can do wii fit for scrapbook supplies at Scrap ETC.

I can hear it now: The new Jenni Bowlin is in, I must do 30 minutes on the wii fit!!!!