Monday, November 24, 2008


Did anyone else feel the urge to smack Bella on the back of the head when she was in the hospital stammering incoherently when Edward suggested she go to Jacksonville? I know she was upset and confused, but come on! Stammer for a few words, them spit it out. OK. I feel better now!
And was anyone distracted by the smudges under her eyes? I was constantly thinking she needed to wash her face better. again, I feel better!

I really did like the movie... just have issues with some things!! Check out Katie's blog for her review! She didn't like it, though. But I still liked it in spite of all of those things!! Maybe I just can't face being disappointed with my Twilight!!!

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Andy said...

about the facing being disappointed with twilight
there were things that urked me about the movie too.
but then thinks that i loved
bellas stammpering was annoying but that was the only thing that annoyed me with her