Monday, December 15, 2008

catching up... a little!

I have been busy with the holidays, and subbing- a lot. I get to be Holden's teacher from Dec.8-19!
The first pic is of a wall hanging I made from some things from my DT kit from Scrap Etc. The next 2 are of my "25 Days of Christmas album". I am not taking a pic a day--that would stress me out! But I will put my favorite pictures from the season in it. And I must tell you-- some one actually thought that the marvelous Virginia made it. Tina Hall is now my new BFF. I felt like I had won an Oscar when I heard that. Just ask B.... she was there! I also altered the JOY letters with some SE stuff.
Holden made the blue snowman ornament last year. I am not sure if you can tell or not, but the snowmen are made from his hand print! Too cute! I love it!
The last pic is of a shirt I made for my sister- yes , that is my 11 year old modeling it for me- Jenny is that little!
Have a great night!


Andy said...

pretty crafty stuff. love it. i'm trying to do the 25 days of Christmas pic thing too

Virginia said...

Girl, you are too sweet & crazy! :) Thank you for those kind words!

I saw your book up there the other day and just about fell out with the cuteness of it... I wanted to stick it in my purse and take it home. I also love that wall hanging you made- that is beautiful! Everything rocks the casbah!