Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted!

I am subbing (I had my 1st class with 7-8 graders... seriously...what is wrong with them????) but went during my break to vote. Took all of 30 minutes, which included a stop at McDonald's.
I am off of facebook. I liked it, but I kept getting friend requests from people I did not know.... and it sucked time away. Time I should be spending doing other things.
Not much else is new. I had a great time with Charlene, took my Rock Star and Harry Potter trick or treating, and have enjoyed the new Nestle toll house cafe in McCalla - Tannehille prominade, I think, a few times. You should stop by... good stuff!
And I got to see High School Musical 3. Or should I say I was talked into seeing HSM3. What else?? That is about it..... now I have to go pick up a group of 6th graders. Have a great day!!

Oh 16 days until TWILIGHT!!!!! I think the soundtrack is out.... I may have to get a new ringtone!!


Andy said...

i want to go and see hm3. my friend has 3 girls that she may be taking and i'm hoping to go with her. my sis read twilight and i think that she is coming here to see it with me. so excited.

Jeremy Conner said...

Twilight? That's almost as bad as Lost! Maybe the Twilight folks can visit the island and battle that smoke monster thingy, and while they're at it smack Jack around a bit for being so smarmy.