Friday, November 21, 2008

Hold on, spider monkey!

Just got home from seeing TWILIGHT! I really loved it. Some things were left out or different than the book, but movies are always like that. Jasper really needed a brush. I kept having flashbacks of my late 70's ken doll with the "real" hair that always stuck out everywhere. And Jacob. He will always be 'shark boy" to me! Carlile had on more make up that Rosalie- who was a perfect you know what, just like in the book. But Edward.... and James.... :-). Is it inappropriate for me to say yummy??
I will be seeing it again! It was great seeing Adrienne, Virginia and her friends and Nubia. Leanne, were you there? I looked for you. We were in theater 15.
OK. The gallon of Mr. Pibb (no Dr. Pepper at the Rave :( ) I drank is wearing off. I have to be up in 3 1/2 hours and be productive!!! Have a great one! More later when I am actually coherent!


Virginia said...

Aw poor Jasper! I loved his scarecrow hair! :) Hehe

Ahhh what a great night. So glad I got to hook up with you and share laughter about it afterwards!

And DITTO to the hot factors!

leateach said...

I loved it too! We were in theater 7. Nope, it's not inappropriate to say yummy...I would say YUMMY YUMMY! :) Yeah Carlile's makeup needed be toned down some. Its a little to much. I am so ready to go see it again..Heck I am ready for it to be on DVD so I can own it! :)