Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where has this week gone???

I can't believe it is Thursday already! But we have had a good week- We went to the zoo on Monday- such fun! I got to ride a camel with Hannah ( I would have done it by myself if she didn't want to!) Tuesday we hung out, then went to meet Lisa at McD's. We sat in the play place for over 2 hours chatting and watching the kids play!! Then later the kids went swimming at the neighbors and had a friend stay the night, then yesterday, we went to Jason's Deli ( love their $2 kids meals!:-) ), saw Nim's Island ( love the dollar theater) then went to the library. ( Love free movie rentals.... do I sound cheap??!). We came home and expected to just hang out, clean and scrap, but we got an email from Monique asking if we wanted to go to her church for a 4th of July celebration with fireworks. I asked the kids, and Holden said "Well, duh!" So we went... it was crazy, but great. I sat with Monique and her family and Lisa. It was a great worship service, with an awesome prayer time. I am glad we went. The kids had fun, and the fireworks were beautiful. Now I am off to get some of that cleaning done I was supposed to do last night....
Have a great day and a fun 4th!!!


Lisa said...

hope ya'll have a fun 4th, too!! sorry we had to leave early last night - cole was being super bad. glad ya'll had a good time though!!

3QTGUYS said...

Nothing like being on a budget!

How fun is that?!