Sunday, July 13, 2008


We decided to go some place we had never been, so we headed off to Louisville . We went to Six Flags, the Zoo (which is AWESOME!) Churchhill downs, and some stadium... it had really cool huge baseball bats out front! We got to pet a wallaby and emu, and the orangutans were right up next to the windows... we were just a few inches from them... it was amazing!

There is 1 pic from the 4th... I think it turned out really cool. Hannah did a great job with her heart.
I love the pic of Holden I snapped while we were on a roller coaster ( the Roller Skate... he highly recommends it!)

At the zoo, my rebel battery died, but I also had my power shot with me, so no big deal... until it breaks! This is the one I got in May. I was so mad. I ended up taking some pics on my phone.... haven't even looked at those- I know it will make me mad. They will be horrible! But we stopped at Wal mart, hoping to swap out my faulty camera, but they didn't have anymore. So we bought another one, and I will take back the broken one as soon as I find the receipt!
We also drove across the bridge to Indiana just because. I didn't want to be that close to another state and not go!
Hope you are having a great weekend. I need to go unpack. Yuck.

Check out the gas prices there- we waited till prices dropped before we filled up. ouch


Andy said...

love the pics. looks like fun. i love the firework one. fire work pics are so much fun.

Lisa said...

the heart picture is awesome!! glad ya'll had a good time!!