Sunday, June 15, 2008

Off again!

We are headed to NC in the morning!!! We will be back soon, and then I will post some pics.
I love going to the mountains. We stay in my parents' cabin, the same one I spent every summer in growing up. I am so glad my kids get to experience it. It is fun to watch them play in the same creek I played in when I was their age!!! One major difference... my Mom wasn't there taking a thousand pictures.... I probably have only a handful from all the time I spent there!!!
I need to dig those up and get them scanned and in my computer!

Have a great week!!


Lisa said...

Have a wonderful trip!!

Weems World said...

just be careful on the rope swing......:)

Andy said...

fun times. hope you have a great time. that cabin was lots of fun, thanks for letting us enjoy memories there too. I'm OKAAAAAAY!