Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Halloween Nightmares.....

I asked the kids what they wanted to dress up as for Halloween. Holden sees a dementor costume and decides on that... OK, my sweet 6yo wants to be the evil creature from Harry Potter that sucks the happiness from you...... I can deal with that. It isn't exactly the fireman he said he wanted to be a few weeks ago, though. Hannah wants to be a ladybug! How sweet, right? Until you try to find a costume for a tween..... they go from the cute Anne Geddes ( not sure if I spelled that right, but you know who I mean right??) fuzzy costumes for birth to 4 year olds straight to SHORT ruffly tutu things with spaghetti straps! And I won't even talk about the other type I saw.. just google ladybug costumes and see what pops up! So now I am on a mission to find a cute, nonbabyish costume that doesn't look like.... well doesn't look like what I saw! I did see 1 that was OK, but it was $50. And it still would need leggings, or sweatpants. :-)

While we were looking at Party City, Holden is looking at his section, and says "look- it's a rich guy" as he points to a costume. I look, and it is a PIMP costume. In the little boy section. Why? What the heck? It is made up of a leopard print jacket, a wad of money, a big blingy $ neclace and a cane. It is called "Mack Daddy" I believe. I guess I could get that for Holden, and get the ladybug costume (not meant for a real lady...) for Hannah, and they could trick or treat together......

And on another note, Hannah brought home a Scholastic book club order form.All of the books are marked to show its reading level. As I look through it, I see Twilight. It only has a 5th grade reading level!! I know it is not difficult reading, but 5th grade? I expected, well, I don't know what I expected, but not 5th grade! crazy! Some high schools have it as mandatory reading.... why if it is on such a low level?? Still love it. Just glad Hannah didn't have to read it ! (remember my issues last year?)

I have been subbing, and scraping.... at the same time! All teachers have a block off for planning, but as a sub, I am just off, so I bring stuff - MY SCRIPTS KIT and enjoy my free time! I also got some done with classes. High School teachers tend to leave busy work for classes when there is a sub!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I forgot that I was tagged a few weeks ago by B! So ... consider yourself tagged if you haven't received this honor yet!! :-)

Something to think about!

Coincidence???!!! I think not!

I found it on Mae's blog!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My heart melted....

Yesterday when I picked Holden up from school, we had a conversation. it went like this:

Me: How was school today?
H: It was fine.
Me: What was your least favorite part?
H: I don't know.
Me: What was your favorite part?
H: I don't know. Oh wait... yes I do! Being here with you!

sweet boy!

On another note.... I think I eat at McD's too much for breakfast. I went in and when I got to the counter the lady looked at me and said "egg biscuit?" ... which is what I always order.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Just heard on the radio that today is national "Talk Like A Pirate Day"!! Just thought I'd spread the word!!!

And it is my friend Lisa Tanner's birthday!!... Happy 3?!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Chicken and cookies!

If you are planning to eat out tomorrow night, and are close to the Zaxby's off of exit 1 on 459 (it is on the opposite side of the new Target), please go in and eat there! Hannah is in choir, and they are having a fund raiser. They get 10% of all inside sales. So go eat some chicken. The kids are "working" for tips inside as well. You can have your tray taken for you, and your drinks refilled!!

And cookie dough... Holden is selling cookie dough, cheesecakes and some other frozen foods..... if you want to order some, let me know at gimmegodiva@bham.rr.com , and I will hook you up!

And I am hosting a Creative Cafe at Scrap etc tomorrow at 11, so come see me!!

What else.... not much is going on. Mom and Dad will be here Thursday, and will stay through the weekend. We are excited about that, though the kids are upset that they have to go to school on Friday!

And check out Wrapper's Delight and come join us in the fun! I have a meeting about it tomorrow night, and can't wait to find out what all is in the works!!

Hope you are having a great Monday, and have a fabulous week.

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Hair!

Went to see Kari Ann, who I heard about from Virginia , and she always looks cute, so I went and put myself in her hands. All I said was "not too short!" We talked about it, and this is what we ended up with! And the best part.... on the way home Hannah and I stopped by Winn Dixie, and the cashier thought... get this... that we were SISTERS!! Now I know that is far from true, but it sure did make my day!! The first 3 are from the day I got it cut, and the last two are from today. I never can get it to look exactly like they do it in the salon, but I still like it!

On another note, I subbed for a Kindergarten teacher yesterday, and when I do Elementary, I take my nose ring out. Jr. and Sr. high... I leave it in, but I don't want 500 questions from 6 year olds. Anyway... I forgot to put it back in when I got home, and the hole had started to close up... so I spent several minutes working it back in.. thankfully it wasn't too hard! Did you really need to know that??!!
Had lunch at SE on Thurs. Lisa made a yummy pasta salad, and I brought flat chocolate chip cookies ( but they were still yummy!) Lucy even likes them that way. I put that in here for her... didn't know she read my blog! Hey Lucy!!
What else.. oh - I do have some pics of LOs and projects - I made a shirt for my sister for her bday... well.. decorated a shirt... I am not Adrienne! Now she would really MAKE a shirt! I will post those later. I just got called in to sub. Yay.
Have a great day and super weekend!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

time for a change

I am thinking about cutting my hair... but have no idea what to do with it. Any suggestions??? I need help!

Oh- I survived high school algebra. They offered me a six week position doing it, but I turned that down. And a 10 week position in a computer class..... why can't I get offered a long term position in an elementary school??!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I {heart}

frosting from a tub. Just had a spoonful! Now to go veg in front of the tv. Gotta go to bed early to be prepared for day 2 of sub abuse from High school algebra students. Not sure why I agreed to do this....

I know this doesn't really count as a blog entry, but right now, it is the best I can give!!