Monday, September 15, 2008

Chicken and cookies!

If you are planning to eat out tomorrow night, and are close to the Zaxby's off of exit 1 on 459 (it is on the opposite side of the new Target), please go in and eat there! Hannah is in choir, and they are having a fund raiser. They get 10% of all inside sales. So go eat some chicken. The kids are "working" for tips inside as well. You can have your tray taken for you, and your drinks refilled!!

And cookie dough... Holden is selling cookie dough, cheesecakes and some other frozen foods..... if you want to order some, let me know at , and I will hook you up!

And I am hosting a Creative Cafe at Scrap etc tomorrow at 11, so come see me!!

What else.... not much is going on. Mom and Dad will be here Thursday, and will stay through the weekend. We are excited about that, though the kids are upset that they have to go to school on Friday!

And check out Wrapper's Delight and come join us in the fun! I have a meeting about it tomorrow night, and can't wait to find out what all is in the works!!

Hope you are having a great Monday, and have a fabulous week.

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