Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I {heart}

frosting from a tub. Just had a spoonful! Now to go veg in front of the tv. Gotta go to bed early to be prepared for day 2 of sub abuse from High school algebra students. Not sure why I agreed to do this....

I know this doesn't really count as a blog entry, but right now, it is the best I can give!!


Amy said...

that is definitely the best snack. preferable pillsbury brand vanilla. oh yum. hope you have a good day subbing.

3QTGUYS said...

Oh, wow! Good luck with that!

The first time I ever sub'd at the Junior High.....one of my most precious youth girls said "oh yeah, ms. b, they are gonna eat you alive".......and they did NOT!

It was great!

Have fun!