Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am the best mom ever!!

Holden's class has snack every day, and the kids take turns bringing in something for everyone. Most of the time it is just gummies or goldfish.One day Holden was so excited... some mom sent in DRINKS with the snack.... he was just thrilled. So when his snack day rolled around, guess what I did??!! Yep- became the best mom ever because I sent in Caprisuns with his snack! Doesn't take a whole lot to make that boy happy!!!

I am subbing right now- can't you tell- and have 2 off blocks! And one of them is 4th, which means I am done at 1:00! So I will go by SE and deliver the aprons (sorry they stayed in my van last week, Lisa!) And do some errands ( I already went to target during 2nd block!), then pick up the kiddos! Have a great day!!

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3QTGUYS said...

Yes, that is right! Best mom ever!

Good Job, Carol!