Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break- some pics!!

We started off in Orlando, with a sushi birthday birthday party for Hannah, then I went to lunch with my Mom and 2 sisters at PF changs. Then we went shopping, then went to dinner at Emerils!!! We had champagne, seared ahi tuna, barbecue shrimp, sea bass over lump crab meat, fillet mignon, and duck. I also had a 1942 mai tai for the 1st time- Thanks Leah for introducing me to that! Then we had 5 desserts!! I have NEVER eaten like that before!! And may never again! My sister's neighbor is a chef there, and he worked some magic for us!! oh- in the pic of the shrimp, it is just the tails... they looked so good, I ate them before I remembered to take a pic!
The kids had a great time with their cousins... in and out of the pool, playing and holding hamsters!
Blogger only lets me get 5 pics at a time, so this will be kind of out of order!
We left Orlando and headed to my parents. While there, we played at the pond, caught fish, went to the beach and visited family. It was great! Oh- Holden lost his first tooth, and was VERY happy about that!! There seems to be a water theme here... in the pool, in the gulf, in the pond.....

We came home Sat. ( with more stuff on the roof- thanks Mom and Dad!Keep remodeling!!) Easter was a very quiet day.... the kids got cd/dvd and we just relaxed.I felt badly at first for not having baskets for them, but they seemed fine with it! Hannah and Holden fixed us breakfast, then I went back to bed.... I was wore out!
I worked 1 day last week, and I think it was my last. Too much drama has been going on...... I will miss the chocolate and the ribbon!! Maybe I can still get my fixes... I won't burn any bridges!!! Hope you all have a great night, and a great day of worship tomorrow!


elizbailey said...

Great photos! I love that sunset picture. Looks like you had a great Spring Break vacation!

Andy said...

love the pics. you kidos are getting so big. looks like spring break was great. glad you guys had fun. the food and drinks look yummy. oh and yep you guys are on my fridge. love that photo. :) we may be coming to your city in may. i'll let you know more about it when i find out. :)

Disney Scrapper said...

Looks like you all had a great time. I was looking for some van pics with lots of furniture on top though.