Sunday, March 9, 2008

Party weekend is over!!

Here are some pics from Hannah's Party! Petite Fours, little sandwiches, her friends and the table for the tea party. They also had fruit salad (yummy yummy!) lobster dip (only Hannah ate that!) carrots and celery and some chocolate ( of course!) It was fun... but I was so glad to see parents starting to pull up in the driveway on Sat!!!
So today, I am taking it easy... SCRAPPING!! It has been too long. I have done 2 pages so far, and Holden wanted to do some pages-so cute- I will post them soon.


Jeremy Conner said...

Very cute...happy birthday Hannah!

Linh said...


Those petite fours look so yummy! What, no chocolate covered strawberries?

In 1 week, I'll be hosting an American Girl Mystery and sleepover party for my younger daughter. This year, I couldn't convince her to have a party somewhere else that would be easy for me.