Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to school time....

The kids headed back to school this morning. They were both ready and excited! Can't believe Hannah is in 7th and my baby is in 2nd grade. Where has the time gone?
We have been super busy this summer-- We headed to Fl for a high school reunion, which was great! I got some sort of bug the first night, and so was feeling kinda puny the second night. But it was great seeing everyone and reconnecting. We also visited with family while we were there, which I always love. Then we were home for a week, then went to NC for 2 weeks. Then back home for a week to mow and check on things. We found out our power had been out for 10 days, so we had a disgusting mess in the fridge/freezer waiting for us. Then we headed back to NC for a couple of weeks. I got to spend a lot of time with Mom and Dad, aunts, uncles and cousins. Hannah and Holden refer to them as the "other cousins" because my sisters' kids are THE cousins! So they differentiate that way! I also got to see my uncle who lives in Venezuela. He came back to the states for a visit, and we had a mini reunion in NC.
Then we came home and back to reality! We spent the last couple of weeks catching up with friends and hanging out.
I didn't get a job teaching, so my future plans are unclear at the moment. I know God is good, and He knows what I will be doing, and He has perfect timing, but it is still hard, because I had the year all planned out! SO I may sub again, may work on my Master's. I just have to wait on the Lord, and see what doors he opens, and which ones he closes! And that is much easier said then done.
It is almost 1, so I better get busy getting stuff done! I am going out of town this weekend-- scrapping with a group of friends! I am very excited!
I know it has been way to long since I updated the blog, but if we know each other well enough, you know what I have been up too!!
And I am pretty sure I used the word then way too much in this post!!!